History of the old Centralians
28th June 1933

The Right Honourable
the Lord Mayor of the City of London.
Sir Percy W. Greenaway.

The School was opened on March 10th, 1880, under the name of the Central Higher Grade School. It was one of the first, if not the first of its kind in the Country - a school which, while recognised as an Elementary School, looked beyond the three R's to the Arts and the Sciences. Its first Headmaster was Mr. A. F. McBean. From the beginning, and under the succeeding Headmasterships of Mr. A. Newell and Mr. J. E. Taylor, the School began and continued to do good work, sending out a stream of boys and girls who made places for themselves in the life of the city and beyond its bounds in the wider life of the nation.


In 1895 the Science wing was built and science teaching was provided for boys, but not for girls.

Domestic Science Room

West Elevation
Mr. J. W. Iliffe was appointed Principal of the School in 1899, and in 1904 the Board of Education acceded to the Committee's request for the School to be recognised as a Secondary School. At once the School began to pioneer the way which the modern Secondary School has so successfully taken, and until 1923 Mr. Iliffe continued to guide the destinies of the School. During the twenty-four years of Mr. Iliffe's Headmastership the development of the School was rapid and continuous.
In 1906, the School, which up to that time had been a dual School, though keeping boys and girls separate, was divided into two distinct Schools. The boys remained under Mr. Iliffe and Miss F. M. Couzens was appointed Headmistress of the Girls' School, after holding the post of Superintendent Mistress for a period of 2 years.

East Elevation

Dining Hall
In 1923, Mr. Iliffe retired on superannuation and was succeeded by Dr. W. I. Moore, who in turn was succeeded in 1929 by Mr. Luther Smith, the present Headmaster, an Old Boy of the School.
Since the first Open Scholarship was won in 1907 by A. L. Atkin at St. John's College, Oxford, there has been a constant stream of boys passing from this School to the older Universities, almost invariably by means of Open Scholarships, and to the University of Sheffield by means of Local Scholarships.

Assembly Hall

52 Scholarships and Exhibitions have been obtained at Oxford and Cambridge, 291 at Sheffield and London, and 20 State Scholarships.
Under Miss Couzens, for twenty years, the Girls' School maintained its place among the big Secondary Schools of the country, rising in standard of work, until the time of the encouragement of Advanced Courses by the Board of Education, when this School proceeded to organise advanced work in Modern Studies, as well as in Science. .

Entrance Hall

The Library
In 1920, State Scholarships were founded, and that year one was awarded to Dorothy Gallimore. The first Open Scholarship to Somerville College, Oxford, was won in 1914, and ever since there has been a regular procession of scholarship holders, chiefly to Somerville and to the Royal Holloway College, Egham. A long line of girls has proceeded to the Training Colleges and to the University of Sheffield, many of the latter holding King's Scholarships or University Scholarships awarded by the Education Committee.
6 Scholarships at Oxford or Cambridge, 5 at London, 83 at Sheffield and 15 State Scholarships.

Chemistry Laboratory

A Classroom
A new Scholarship was founded in 1930 in consequence of the bequest of Mr. Elias Middleton, in memory of his daughter, a former member of the Teaching Staff.
The Girls' School suffered a great loss in 1926, by the death of Miss Couzens. The present Headmistress (Miss E. M. Jackson), succeeded her after being Second Mistress for 9 years.

Front Elevation (Main Entrance)

Boys' Quadrangle
In memory of Miss Couzens, a small Scholarship has been founded by public subscription.
As a result of the establishment of other Secondary Schools in the suburbs of the City, the need for Secondary Schools in the centre of the City was not really essential, and as the buildings could be used more suitably for other purposes, the Education Committee decided to transfer the Schools to the new buildings which have been erected at High Storrs on the site which has been used as Playing Fields by the Schools during the past 29 years.

Playing Field Elevation

Teaching Staff

Girl's School

Miss    Emily M. Jackson, B.A. (Lond.) Head Mistress
"          Christina M. Stone, B.A. (Dublin),
           Med. & Mod. Lang. Tripos (Cambridge) 
Second Mistress and 
Senior Modern Languages Mistress
"          Ellen M. Martin, M.A. (Lond.) Senior English Mistress
"          Doris Holdsworth, B.Sc. (Sheffd.) Senior Mathematics Mistress
"          Jessie T. Ford, B.Sc. (Birm.) Science Mistress
"          Margaret D. Thompson, B.A. (Durham) Classics Mistress
"          Gertrude K. Greenwood, M.A. (Manch.) Geography Mistress
"          Edna Marsh (Board of Educ'n. Art Teacher's  Certificate) Art Mistress
"          Jessie Cruse Music Mistress
"          Emma L. Bray Form Mistress
"          Alice M. Lee, B.A. (Lond.) Do.
"          Edna Sanderson Do.
"          Ethel Swiss Do.
"          Elizabeth M. Dickinson, B.A. (Lond.) Do.
"          Matilda W. Borland, B.A. (Sheffd.) Do.
"          Marion Chappell, B.A. (Sheffd.) Do.
"          Mabel E. Johnson, B.Sc. (Sheffd.) Do.
"          Eva F. Kingham, B.A. (Lond.) Do.
"          Annie A. Rees, B.A. (Wales) Do.
"          Dorothy I. Dunstone, B.A. (Lond.) Do.
"          Winifred M. Fair, B.A. (Lond.) Do.
"          Joan D. Hall, B.A. (Oxon.) Do.
"          Kathleen Ibbotson, M.Sc. (Sheffd.) Do.
"          Irene M. Gay, B.A. (Oxon.) Do.
"          Hilda F. Taylor, B.Sc. (Lond.) Do.
"          Mary Evans Physical Training & Games Mistress
"          Mary E. Hogg Cookery Mistress
"          Ida Parsons Assistant Mistress & Head Mistress's Secretary
"          Ethel Brooke Part-time Needlework Mistress

Boy's School

          Luther Smith, M.A. (Oxon) Head Master
          Stephen Northeast, B.Sc. (Lond.) Second Master and Senior Physics Master
          James M. Brown, B.Sc. (Lond.) Biology Master
          John G. Bolton, B.Sc. (Lond.) Senior Mathematical Master
          Frederick J. Campbell, B.A. (Liverpool) Senior Geography Master
          Allan Clayton, M.A., B.Sc. (Econ.) Lond. Senior Modern Languages Master
          Thomas S. Hamilton, M.A.(Edin.), LL.B. Senior History Master
          Harold K. Hawker, B.A. (Lond.) Classics Master
          Percy Lord, B.Sc. (Manch.) Senior Chemistry Master
          Donald M. Walmsley, M.A. (Lond.), Ph.D. Senior English Master
          Bryn Baker, B.A. (Wales) Form Master
          Thomas R. Baldwin, B.A. (Lond.) Do.
          James H.Benson, M.A. (Birm.) Do.
          Thomas A. Buckley, B.A. (Liverpool) Do.
          Alfred Burgess, B.Sc. (Lond.) Do.
          Harry Caddy, B.A. (Lond.) Do.
          Eric A. Clarke, B.Sc. (Reading) Teacher of Manual Work
          David I. V. Gatty Art Master
          Harry Hattersley, B.A. (Lond.) Form Master
          William H. Jenkinson, B.Sc. (Lond.) Do.
          Alfred E. Ridler, B.Sc. (Manch.) Do.
          William C. A. Russell, B.A. (Lond.) Do.
          Charles Senior Do.
          Edwin Shaw, B.Sc. (Sheffd.) Do.
          Edward G. Shreeves, B.A. (Lond.) Do.
          John A. Tingle, B.A. (Lond.) Do.
          Jacques Tuchschmid (Universities of Basle & Lausanne) Do.
          Robert H. Williams, B.A. (Lond.) Do.
          John J. Phipps Part-time Gymnastics Master
          Joseph R. Wassell Part-time teacher of Metalwork
          Miss B. Rodgers Head Master's Secretary

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